Hello my Dears! 

I have experienced so many things at We Are Producers in the last few weeks and of course I would like to share them with you too. Have fun reading!

About my podcast project 

It’s really taking shape. The first three episodes for my own podcast have now been recorded and are currently being edited by myself. As the recordings were a bit bumpy at the beginning, I’ve invited a co-host to join me. And from April, every two weeks it will be: “Hören. Handeln. Gutes tun.” (Listen. Act. Do good.) On the podcast that makes the world a better place. 

Yes, that’s right! There is already an Instagram page for the podcast, which will be running from April (@gutestun.podcast). But you can already follow it now so that you don’t miss our first podcast release! 

And what else? 

I was at the recording sessions for the third season of the ARD radio play Lost in Neulich last week. The first episode of the third season is already available here in the ARD Audiothek. I was not only allowed to make some of the recordings myself, but also being recorded for some smaller acting roles. Anyone who already knows the series will also know Finja Lüders, the little sister of Justin and J.? She started speaking her first words in the third season and now guess who voiced it? 

Gina und Luise Lunow im Tonstudio

But that wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed incredibly much. In addition to the main cast, I also got to know two other voice actresses in person, whose voices I had heard before. I immediately pricked up my ears when I heard the familiar voice of Aunt Mania from Bibi Blocksberg. Luise Lunow, an incredibly great voice actress, speaks the postwoman, Tina Herrmann, in Lost in Neulich, and in addition to a few great takes, I also got a photo of her :D 

But that’s not all yet. Do you know The Hunger Games? Or Spongebob Squarepants? Barbie? Encanto or Two and a Half Men? Cathleen Gawlich’s adaptable voice can be heard everywhere! Whether Effie Trinket, Sandy Cheeks, Penelope, Glimmer, Pepa or Rose, this voice sounded so familiar to me! And therefore I not only received a photo from the voice actress Cathleen Gawlich, but also a very personal audio recording <3 

What is the role of Cathleen Gawlich in Lost in Neulich? Have you ever paid attention to the announcers and cancelers? If not, you’ll definitely notice them from now on!

What an exciting time! I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks at We Are Producers and I’m excited to see what else the new productions have in store for me! 

All the best 

Gina <3