I’ve been in the studio with the Producers for four weeks already. Oh, time flies fast here. It feels like I’ve only just arrived in Berlin, and *swoop* a whole month has already passed. So what have I done here so far? 

The Stage of the SEEK with several seats in front

I’ve gotten to know the studio, my colleagues and different tasks of podcast production. I’ve prepared the useful podcast kits, created some social media content, published a few podcast episodes, I’ve been at the SEEK for sound recordings and helped with the editing of an audio book. And, not to forget: I’ve started developing my own little podcast project.

How does that work? In the beginning, Sven gave me tools to create my own podcast concept,. Together we discussed my ideas and thoughts and he has helped me to formulate them. Then I  started with some content research. Finding a suitable name for a podcast is not as easy as it seems at first sight, and neither to design a suitable cover. It took time, lots of ideas and a lot of discarding. But the title and cover have finally been chosen. The research and editorial preparation for a podcast is also quite time-consuming, especially when someone like me is doing it for the first time. In the meantime, I have organized a co-host and teamed up with Falk for the sound design. This will continue over the next few weeks. 

Once I had the initial information together, I started recording a demo episode to get a first idea of how the concept sounds so far and against all my expectations, this episode sounded horrible. As soon as I sat in front of the microphone, I seemed to have forgotten how to speak and, as good as I was at speaking in the natural world without a period, I couldn’t speak at all anymore as soon as I pressed the record button. So now I have to keep practising how to talk.

So far, quite a lot has happened and a lot of it at the same time actually until a podcast like mine is developed and the first episode can be released. However, it still takes a bit of time and creativity before the podcast could be launched. I’m really looking forward to the editing and publishing of my first actual podcast episode and sharing it with you!  

I’ll keep you up to date on how it continues.

Yours, Gina!